The Beginning(and Introduction)

I would imagine that you’ve somehow stumbled across this blog by accident and are now searching for the quickest way to get out (which would likely be smashing the screen on your computer or some alt+f4 action). However, if you plan on continuing to read this I should start with a little bit about myself.

First off, I’m a supple 24 year old male from the beautiful west coast of Canada who has just set off on his first ever travelling experience (excluding the famous family trips many of us do growing up) with his wonderful girlfriend who, coincidentally is also a total stranger to travelling. I could go on and on with introductions and facts but instead I’ll give you the mundane pleasure of getting to know me through my writing in conjunction with some less than flattering photographs of the journey.

We flew out of YVR airport in Vancouver and spent a little over 24 grueling hours in airports and planes en route to arriving at our destination which is……Sydney, Australia. Prior to arriving we had booked 2 nights at the Frisco hotel in Wooloomooloo for what we thought would be a nice way to relax and catch up on sleep/adjust our internal clocks. Boy were we wrong. We arrived at our hotel while maintenance was going on and were told our room would be ready around 2:30-3 pm. Not a big deal, we walked around the beautiful area, had a couple pints (the 150 Lashes Pale Ale is excellent by the way) and returned at 2:30 to see how things were going. We were then delivered the fantastic news that our room would not be ready for another. At this point it’s been about 36-40 hours since either one of us has had a shower and as you can imagine we are like greasy little sweat covered eels that you can smell from the moment we walk into a room. Not to mention our teeth had a thin layer of moth growing on them. To top that off, we were caught in the middle of an impromptu thunder storm that was incredible to watch once we got to some cover. So we go back to the hotel at 3:30 to check in and you got it still no room. We wait on the hotel patio for another hour before we can finally check, meanwhile the manager has done next to nothing to accommodate us (no offer of free drinks, use the shower, food, accommodation, etc.) and has tried his best to avoid the entire situation as a whole leaving the poor employees with no power over the matter to deal with us. We remained calm and polite albeit extremely disappointed the entire time and when we were finally checked in at 4:40 we were told our room had no sheets on the bed but that they would be arriving……….

That’s a lot to digest after a full day of travelling. So we dump our stuff in the room, hit the showers and go walk around the area to have dinner and pray to whichever god delivers sheets the fastest on a Friday night. Upon returning at 7:30 we discover that we still do not have sheets and reach the conclusion that we will not be sleeping in a bed that has any semblance of sheets tonight, not a bad start right? So I go down and talk to the poor employee (who was super understanding and awesome to deal with by the way) and ask her about what their policy is for this? We get refunded 60$ from the manager (half a nights stay) and settle into a cozy bed with no sheets.


Enough of that tragic tale though. The 3-4 hours we spent walking around the Wooloomooloo area and the Royal botanical gardens were gorgeous and we look forward to tomorrow, a day that can only go up.




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