Taronga Zoo? Don’t mind if I do

Do you think I went a little overboard with the title oozing cleverness and undertones of humour?

Jokes aside, I turned 25 yesterday, the big quarter-century, how quickly it’s come and gone.

Prior to our zoo excursion I had briefly done some research and as a lover of deals (and animals of course) or at least perceived deals I uncovered that the Taronga zoo has a birthday deal that grants you entry for 1$ on your big day. Needless to say, it was a no brainer. Before discussing the actual zoo I would like to state that I understand there is a certain level of controversy surrounding zoo’s and that I really have no expertise or profound knowledge on the matter. The experience I recount here is simply mine from that day and one of complete positivity and joy (despite my current battle with a nasty case of the infamous chafe)

The accessibility of the zoo is superb as it provides visitors with direct access by both bus and ferry. Upon entering the grounds I was overcome with feelings of nostalgia as there were families (complete with very cute children and tiny little babies) in addition to being encompassed by a fine medley of trees, blue skies and scenic views of the city across the water. The layout of the zoo is rather simple to navigate through empowering visitors to choose their own routes with several shows and informative talks set at varying times each day.

One of the first things that I noticed was the abundance of lizards just roaming around in the park whether they be on the trail or just hanging out off to the sides. The Australian walkabout is an amazing area where visitors are allowed to walk among kangaroos and emus (which can actually be pretty intimidating) and get a real close up look at the animals. The zoo also features a vast array of birds that continued to amaze and challenge you to keenly observe your surroundings instead of simply what’s ahead. The variety of animals in the zoo range everywhere from massive salt water crocodiles to cute, little platypus’ followed by sky scraping giraffes, powerful zebras, komodo dragons (I had no idea how big they were) and everything in between. On Vancouver Island we have nothing like what I was able to see at Taronga and for that I am truly grateful to have experienced it during my journey in Australia.

And if you’re curious, my favourite animals were the penguins!







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