Trying to catch up

Well well well,

It appears (or more correct is apparent) that I have slacked off on continuing this travel blog over the past two weeks and am hoping to make it up while exerting as little effort as possible. That being said, I will begin with Byron Bay

So Byron, if I were to summarize it in a few words I would say un freaking believable, seriously. This small town has some of the most gorgeous surroundings I have ever had the privilege of laying eyes upon. We spent 5 nights there and, simply put, it wasn’t even close to enough. There are several incredible beaches that feature water so clear I don’t want to search for a word to describe its clarity (or use the cliche crystal). The town is filled with an excellent variety of restaurants and pubs that almost all feature (surprisingly) reasonable prices, from a Canadian perspective of course. The surfing at Byron is phenomenal but it doesn’t come close to the serene beauty of getting up, walking out to the lighthouse and watching the sunrise (Never have I been so happy I woke up before 5 am). Additionally, while we watched the sunrise at the lighthouse a pod of dolphins decided to grace us with their presence and swam along the bank in front of us as we watched it rise (I’ve never before seen dolphins so….amazing)


Next up, Brisbane.

Honestly, I never really hear Brisbane mentioned when I talk to people about Australia and what they like most about the country but I’m not quite sure why. We had sub-par (at best) weather during our tenure there yet found everyday (6 to be exact) chalked full of activities we wanted to do. The Gallery of Modern Art there is second to none (mind you I am not a connoisseur) and the Museum and Clocktower tours (which are free by the way) were spectacular on a number of levels. Also, Brisbane is considerably less expensive than Sydney for travellers who are curious about the place and the SouthBank area that has an artificial beach and pools is really cool! (The city also has free wifi almost everywhere)

Finally, Bali

So basically if you’re in Bali and someone is trying to sell you something without a price tag the rule of thumb is that they’re asking at least 250% more than what they would actually sell you that item or service for (cabs, etc.). Second, if you are renting scooters and do not have an international license, carry a couple blue bills 50K Rupiah or 5$ ish on you in the even that police pull you over while on your scooter and require one of the bribes you so often hear about. Third, and relatively importantly (in many cases) beer is very cheap anywhere you go from the beach to a classy restaurant, if you like it then by all means, enjoy it! If you’re wondering, yes this did in fact happen to us and since we had no cash on us the Police let us go (I do not recommend this option, however). Quick side notes: Beaches are amazing, money goes far and food is cheap. Enjoy the area it is something worth seeing!



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